This Site

I created this site as the sort of home base for the comic book adaptation of my erotic romance series, The Succubus' Sub, which has since become permanently/indefinitely shelved. This was due to a combination of things, the main being financial, as each "issue" of the comic would cost a couple thousand dollars to adapt. If I was a decent enough artist, then I would do it myself a-la Sunstone, but I can't draw anything more complex than stick figures.

With that project on ice, I transformed the site into my own personal bookstore, where you can purchase my stories either though Amazon or with PayPal on my newly created store. 

To buy a book, simply click on the cover to be taken to the details page where you can find the Amazon/ links. The only exception is Night of the Bimbo, which I took down from Amazon because of the more "forced" aspects to it.

Any future books I write and publish will be added here.