When an idea takes hold, it festers in the brain until it is dealt with. During his usual internet surfing, Reed comes upon the idea that a man's greatest fear would be turning into a woman and thinks about what would happen if a man suddenly became one. 

With no solid conclusion to be found anywhere, and the idea nagging him like an itch he couldn't scratch, he sought a professional's opinion. He contacted a dominatrix. 

She gives him an offer to work for her as her female secretary and in doing so, he'll get his answer. 

She transforms him into Raye with the help of a bodysuit and a specially designed mask. With each passing day, he becomes more and more feminine and new urges and desires present themselves. How far down the rabbit hole will he go? As Raye becomes more and more a part of him, he finds himself enjoying his new female body. 

What will happen at the end of this experiement? Will Reed remain or will only Raye? 

26,000 words

$3 - includes PDF, ePub, and Mobi (Kindle) files